italian restaurant with open garage doors

Italian Food with Fresh From the Garage

italian restaurant with open garage doors

Italian restaurants can create open air feeling by adding garage doors to walls

Italian restaurant ideas to start with

Are you planning to open an Italian restaurant? Indeed, every city in the world surely has one Italian restaurant or multi cuisine one which offers the favorite and popular items of Italian cuisine, namely pizza, pasta and more. However, even if such a market is crowded, it might still be a lucrative restaurant business to pursue. Given the market is a competitive one, there are certain things you need to know when you are planning to open an Italian restaurant. Thinking outside the box may inspire you to do something as crazy as putting garage doors on your restaurant. Keep reading!

Challenges of such a business idea

Italian restaurant market is a crowded one, especially in any large cosmopolitan city like Phoenix, Arizona. Such cuisine has gained much popularity in most countries. Most of the ingredients are inexpensive in such a cuisine and that makes such a business idea more lucrative. However, the factors that are in favor of such a business make it difficult to make the business profitable as well. If you launch a mediocre venture in a market already crowded by small Italian eateries, it might take a long time to establish a popular business. One way of starting off well is to reduce your initial startup costs. The main cost for any restaurant is the space and rental for the same. If you have a home located in a popular area and have a separate space, why not start small and venture with an eatery in such a space? A uniquely decorated garage can become an open air dining space that will certainly have an innovative air and appeal that will be irresistible.

Lowering your start up costs

There are many interior designers who can help you create a cosy eatery experience in your own garage space. What is more, here you could get garage door services to advertise their business. In that way, your start up costs are reduced considerably. Being located away from the commercial streets, you will attract different clientele and give people in the neighborhood a choice of strolling over for an Italian dinner as and when they feel like. Even if the exposure is less as compared to putting up shop in the busy commercial neighborhoods, you will be able to turn over your business and see profits coming in soon. Get neighborhood businesses like garage door repair or grocery services to advertise in your restaurant and that will help you become profitable sooner.

How to differentiate and grow your business

When you are trying to create a presence in a crowded Italian cuisine market, you need to offer something different and unique to the customers. Many offer gourmet pizza recipes or emphasize on the authentic ingredients used in their dishes. You could even pick up Italian dishes of a specific region or little known meals from rural Italy and put them up in your menu. These are some ways of differentiating your business from others and giving your customers a reason to try out your restaurant instead. With time, you might want to move out of your garage space or stick to the same concept and have a renovated open air eatery space created especially for your restaurant.

Italian Food and Sunset Limo Service

Italian food and a limo sunset in salt lake city

Ahha so finally you are in ITALY! Or at least you wish! If Salt Lake City is the closest you’ll ever come to Italy that okay. With the right cuisine and limo experience you will feel as if you are on a canoe in Venice. If you are fond of meal and want to taste the excellence of food you can always find the right restaurant.


Since Italy is one of the greatest countries in the world; its has the time and resources to refine their tastes to only the best. In fact, Italy has a great reputation in lot of things, from sports cars to interior design. In addition, it also won the World Cup of Soccer 2006. So it must have some great “cocinas” and “comida”!

Yes you are right I am talking about Italian cuisine Italian cuisine continues to win the heart of thousands of people daily; in a survey it has been proven that Italian cuisine is the most popular food, there is not so much varity in Italian food but Italy is famous for its pasta, pizza, cappuccino, salad, wine, and many….. Italy in fact is a country full of treasures, more than any other in the world: a mix of good restaurants, great shopping, wonderful countryside, surprising seaside (and islands!) etc.

Same time Italy is a country sui generis where things go differently from the rest of the world, and knowing people is probably the best way to have time of your life and spend a Great holiday. If you are planning a visit to Italy,  you should book a limousine instead of a taxi, don’t trust local transport because they can hardly support your daily will to reach some special places or hidden places.

A limousine is a very comfortable vehicle it has space and good comfort you can enjoy your Italian pasta or Italian pizza or anything in this beautiful vehicle, it will be expensive, a Limousine with a driver service to tour all touristic destinations in Italy (Forte dei Marmi, Milano Marittima, CInque Terre, Florence, Rome, Venice, Bologna…) and also shopping outlets in Milan or Serravalle, Vicolungo and Fox town. prices are fair, especially considering you’ll travel on limousine with driver at disposal, with lot of space for shopping bags!

But prices get even lower if you’re traveling with your family or a group of friends: you can get a limousine and split the cost! Let’s get back on track with the to the food fare again, Italians eat salad as a side plate for the second dish. Now you can find some tourist restaurants in main cities that propose rich salads for the tourists…but Italians never ask for them!

Here i am going to list some great Italian Cuisine 1) Pasta 2) Pizza 3) Risotto 4) Minestrone (bean / vegetable soup) 5) Zuppa Di Pesce (Fish Soup) 6) Ossobuco 7) Scaloppine di vitello 8) Zuppa Di Cozze 9) Parmesan Cheese 10) Tiramisu You can enjoy this tasty stuff of Italy in your Limousine with your loved one.